Background Checks By Industry: Education

Employers in education can rely on SterlingBackcheck for fast background checks.

For educational institutions, the safety and security of students and personnel is paramount. Protect not only your constituents but also your institution's integrity and reputation when you rely on SterlingBackcheck to perform comprehensive background checks on all faculty, staff, and volunteers.

That's because only SterlingBackcheck provides:

  • Fast, accurate and thorough pre-employment screenings.
  • "Best-in-class" employment history and professional credential verifications.
  • Real-time risk alerts for employee arrests and other infractions.

A Leading Provider For Educational Institutions

SterlingBackcheck is the largest, most accurate provider of thorough employment screening for employers in the education field, including public schools, charter schools, colleges and universities, and training institutions.

In addition to improving hiring decisions, SterlingBackcheck aids educational institutions in the screening of prospective students while reducing the administrative costs and time associated with these complex background checks.

For Educational Institutions, SterlingBackcheck’s Screening Services Include: