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Employment background checks by SterlingBackcheck feature rigorous due diligence and investigative services.

The Most Accurate, Complete Background Screening Available

It’s risky to make a hiring decision when you aren’t sure you have the complete picture. SterlingBackcheck helps you clear away that uncertainty and be more confident in your hires.

There are hundreds of companies providing background checks and pre-employment screenings. None can claim their screening solutions to be 100% accurate, not even SterlingBackcheck.

But, with the world’s most robust background check technologies and relentless investigative services (both digital and manual), SterlingBackcheck can offer higher accuracy. That’s why so many Fortune 500 companies—across all industries—turn to us for all their pre- and post-employment screening needs.

You simply can’t afford a bad hire. SterlingBackcheck background and drug screening solutions mean the difference between making a smart hiring decision and making a risky mistake.

The Complete Criminal Locator - Only From SterlingBackcheck

Complete Criminal Locator, exclusive to SterlingBackcheck, provides the most thorough criminal record check available today so you can make the right hiring decisions with confidence and compliance.

What it does: The Complete Criminal Locator searches almost 16% more sources for information about an individual than traditional checks. Rather than limiting the search to an applicant’s recent residences, it casts wider net to include surrounding locations, national databases and victim notification data, finding on average 23% more criminal records.

The Complete Criminal Locator counter calculates the incremental number of risky people found using Complete Criminal Locator versus a standard social security trace.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Thousands of databases and over 34 billion criminal file records are searched across the US to identify any potential criminal activity where an applicant has lived.

STEP 2: We run the Enhanced Nationwide Search off an applicant’s Name and Date of Birth to determine if a crime has been committed where the applicant has worked or traveled.

STEP 3: Our proprietary technology – Locator Select then searches over 2,000 US booking and incarceration sites to fill in any missing gaps.

All information received is validated with primary source data from county courts with instant access to over 75% of all U.S. criminal records.

THE RESULT: A higher likelihood you’ll get criminal records that traditional checks miss.

Why Partner With SterlingBackcheck

Despite the claims of others, only SterlingBackcheck can provide:

A Truly Global Footprint

Sterling’s global footprint extends to more than 196 countries, providing our clients with trusted, reliable background checks on employment candidates everywhere. With 12 offices around the world and 24-hour service, SterlingBackcheck powers the employment screening programs for thousands of customers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East & Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

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