Background Checks By Need: Education & Employment Verification

Spot inflated resumes and falsified CVs with SterlingBackcheck’s education and employment history verifications.

Fast, Thorough Education and Employment History Checks

You need a background screen to know whether the image your candidate presents is valid. According to recent studies, between 46% and 53% of all resumes contain errors and falsehoods. With a tight job market and strong competition for every opening, job seekers often feel a compelling need to meet all the requirements in the job description – even if it means bending the truth or outright lying.  SterlingBackcheck’s employment verification services help hire with confidence. 

Education and Employment History Background Checks

Better Results Through a Better Verification Process

To ensure accuracy, SterlingBackcheck employs a global network of employment verification experts to help hiring professionals quickly spot inflated resumes and falsified employment histories. Highly trained team members conduct interviews with former employers and supervisors to verify each candidate’s work history and capabilities. Clients can furnish their own questions or use our standard questionnaires.

SterlingBackcheck’s e-verification process uses email to deliver an average 30 hour reduction in turnaround time over the traditional telephone approach. That’s because people are more likely to respond to an email than a phone call, so you get more of the information that could affect your decision. And because people can answer email from wherever they are, you get those results sooner than playing phone tag.

The result? A faster, clearer candidate history.

Education Verification

Unfortunately, inflating education credentials is a common practice. SterlingBackcheck offers education verification services that confirm dates of attendance, course or study, degree or credential received and the date the degree or credential was awarded. This may include GED, high school diploma, college or advanced degrees.

Professional License & Certification Verification

Another popular education verification service is SterlingBackcheck’s professional license verification and certificate check. These professional verifications include but are not limited to licensing and certification for medical doctors (MD or DO), registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), certified public accountant (CPA) and lawyers (JD), as well as for stockbrokers, teachers, engineers, pilots and other exam-certified professionals.

SterlingBackcheck’s professional license and certification verifications detail:

  • Issuing state or agency
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date
  • Status of license

Military Employment Verification

SterlingBackcheck assesses the quality of job candidates by verifying their military records, including confirming each applicant’s branch and dates of service in the Military Record Repository database, through Veterans Administration hospitals, or by a DD214 Form.

DOT & Driving History Verification

For our Transportation and DOT clients, SterlingBackcheck determines if applicants are ready to safely operate company vehicles by verifying their transportation history and performing Motor Vehicle Record Checks.

We examine and verify each candidate’s general fit for transportation work. To do this, Sterling team members confirm a history of safe vehicle operation, check for a motor vehicle accident history, and investigate any history of substance abuse. All questions as part of Sterling’s DOT verification process form comply with DOT regulations.

Professional Reference Checks

Identify and verify the best candidate for open positions with in-depth personal and professional reference checks from SterlingBackcheck.

Our team is trained to go beyond vague and subjective references to perform truly insightful reference checks through interviews with candidates’ former supervisors, former co-workers and/or their friends. Professional reference checks round out the employment verification process.