Background Checks By Need: Social Media Screening

At SterlingBackcheck, millions of sites and social networks are searched to show a candidate’s true online reputation and presence.

The Next Generation of Employment Background Screening

Traditional background checks tell you what a candidate has been caught doing in the past. Supplement this information with a social media background check to see if an applicant or employee may be currently engaging in risky behaviors.

But some information found in social media should not be used to avoid the risk of disseminating protected class information with FCRA-compliant social media background reports.

Why Use a Social Media Background Check?

Including a social media background check as part of your larger employment screening process ensures you:

  • Protect Your Candidates – Implement and enforce consistent hiring practices by removing all discrimination risk.
  • Protect Your Organization – Identify questionable online activities that may pose a greater risk.
  • Practice Compliance – All SterlingBackcheck background checks are FCRA compliant and include full redaction of protected class information.

Focused Intelligence on Potential Employees

SterlingBackcheck’s advanced web search technology allows us to search millions of sites and social networks to provide a 360-degree view of a candidate’s true reputation and online presence.

A social media background check solution includes:

  • Redaction of protected class information (FCRA compliant)
  • Reports containing user-generated and shared third party content
  • Analysis of known affiliates